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Statement of Conditions (SOC) Survey – What Does it Verify?

Statement Of Conditions surveys go through all the applicable fire code regulations that your building ought to meet

When you have your building assessed on its ability to protect its inhabitants in the case of a fire, it’s important that you do things by the book. Good assessors and fire protection companies will always present you with an SOC, or Statement of Conditions, survey report after a safety inspection. This important document lets you not only get a big picture view of deficiencies in your facilities, but also understand how to fix them.

Few buildings pass their assessments with flying colors every time. Things get worn down with usage, and SOC surveys are designed to seek such deficiencies out. They address your building’s overall condition by inspecting each individual component in turn and testing that it operates properly.

SOC surveys go through all the applicable fire code regulations that your building ought to meet. Surveyors check fire door shutting mechanisms, test smoke detectors and alarms, and verify that all your fire, radiation and smoke dampers function properly. Of course, they also ensure that your fire prevention devices, like extinguishers, sprinklers and fire curtains are all in working order.

Inspectors verify that escape routes are clear and accessible. They then consult the previous inspection records to ensure that each device that should be maintained has been kept in good condition. Many devices have different inspection intervals. Surveyors try to create a comprehensive portrayal of what needs to be done.

When the survey is complete, your fire protection firm ought to present you with a few things. One of these is a building plan that has been marked with all the different deficiencies found. You may receive this in a digital format as well.

Many firms also include other information on their SOC survey report. Common inclusions detail the cost of corrections and the length of time they will require. These reports are useful because they give building owners an immediate idea of how they can go about fixing their buildings to meet standards.

Overall, SOC surveys are used to verify that your building is up to the various NFPA, ANSI and UL codes that determine whether you can continue to use your property. These inspections must be performed on a regular basis and you have to pass every single aspect to keep your business or other operations running legally.

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