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Fire Door Inspections in NC from Our Experienced Team

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Our team at Brand Services is industry-leading in smoke and fire door inspections and knows that your main focus is to keep your healthcare facility running smoothly. Having your fire doors inspected each year is a crucial part to the proper functioning of your business. When you choose Brand Services for your fire door inspections in NC, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve hired an experienced team.

Thorough Annual Inspections

NFPA code regulations require that all healthcare facilities have their fire doors inspected and tested annually by a person who specializes in fire door inspections. NFPA 80 defines an inspection in two parts: visual inspection and operational inspection. Visual inspection serves to verify that there are no damaged or missing parts that could become hazardous during operational testing.

On the other hand, operational testing verifies 11 items:

In addition to being compliant with regulations, NFPA requires that you retain records of all inspections of your fire doors for review. Any faulty doors must be repaired, and a follow-up inspection must be performed to ensure you’re in compliance. Our team makes this as easy as possible by storing your records on our server, providing you with an accessible digital back-up of your documentation for all inspections. After each inspection, our team will update your living digital log for easy-to-access records.

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Our experienced team exceeds the minimum items to be verified during the visual and operational inspections and complete semi-annual training to stay current with any changes in regulations. You can count on us to be up-to-date on compliance standards at every inspection and to inform you if your fire doors need repairs. The Brand Services team provides quality Fire Door Inspections in NC and keeps you up to code to ensure that you meet NFPA regulations.

To schedule an inspection with our experienced team, click here for our contact form or call us at 888.551.4055 today!

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