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Life/Clinical Safety Mock Survey – What You Should Know?

What is a Life/Clinical Safety mock survey?

Are you expecting the State Survey team to visit your agency soon? You have a chance to review your administrative and residential services which are comparable to what you will experience when the inspectors arrive. This is called a clinical/life safety mock survey. This will help you address potential deficiencies and prepare you for the survey.

What happens in a Life/Clinical Safety mock survey?

The survey is nearly identical to a real survey. The team of mock surveyors come to the premise unannounced. It is only the administrator of the business who will be aware of the exercise. The team will do the same tasks, protocols and the same quality indicators to assess the compliance of your business. The team will also cover all the federal regulations that you need to know.

The team aims at getting your business or establishment in compliance as fast as possible so that you avoid any deficiencies in the upcoming survey. You will get a detailed review of all the tasks that are performed by the surveyors and tips on what the surveyors will be looking for. The team will help you identify all compliance issues that you have in your organization, and correct the issues before real surveyors arrive.

Your staff will be closely involved in the process that will involve clinical direction, provide in-services and give them recommendations that are detailed to immediately correct any issues so that you are up to date with your clinical compliance.

After the mock survey, you will receive a detailed report for your facility which will identify the potential violations, how severe it is and recommendations of the team for correction.

A clinical survey is recommended to be done every six months after the last one so that you can improve on your compliance.

The life safety mock survey will help your staff to be calm and understand the life safety care survey regulations. Once you and your team understand what to expect in the survey, they will be more confident. You will also benefit from the tools recommended for you.

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