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Press Release: Intergration of Brand Services & Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

As a Healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience ranging from a Facility Manager to a Vice President it gives me great pleasure to give back to the Healthcare community and my fellow colleagues in a Consulting capacity. It is very rare for a Healthcare Professional whom over saw hospital operations to now be a consultant and a change agent. Within my role as a, Director and VP in several hospitals I have seen many changes in the Healthcare market. With those changes and the coming changes due to the Affordable Care Act in 2013, we need to adapt to be in alignment with the ongoing changes so our Hospitals will stay financially viable and competitive.

As these changes occur, our roles (at the Hospital level) may change as well. You may have been promoted, changed job titles or now wear several “hats” and function as a Safety officer, Director of Facilities, or maybe a construction manager with the increasing of capital projects in the IT arena.

Our goal at BRAND SERVICES is to offer a full spectrum of Healthcare Regulatory Professional Services from conducting Statement of Conditions, Physical Environment reviews, Firestopping remediation, Mock Survey’s and more, all in an effort to support Healthcare professionals at all levels. In providing these resources, education and tools BRAND can help you adapt with the ongoing changes.

BRAND SERVICES strives and supports the Healthcare facility manager by providing education and training. As you know it is a struggle to educate staff with limited funds or to find recruitments for the next generation; our future healthcare managers. Hospitals are desperate to provide coaching and mentorship to new managers in order to create a succession plan that allows them the opportunity to place them in future Director Roles. Also, as result of reform, mergers and acquisitions continue to temper the healthcare market as hospitals and physician groups align. In addition, the overall model of care delivery is shifting, healthcare systems remain challenged by the reality that the outpatient model is overtaking inpatient care, whereas bottom-lines were formerly met by having patients in beds.

A piece of the puzzle, for the facility manager, is to cut costs at the building level by making it run as efficiently as possible, and one concentrated focus of that effort lies in energy management and providing solutions to identify potential savings-something that used to be a tough sell to the C-suite. At BRAND SERVICES we provide a partnership in helping your Hospital achieve these goals.

As a former VP of facilities, in my discussions with the “C” Suite regarding guidance for achieving leadership roles in facility management, the facility managers must have the ability to be creative in assessing not just what an initiative will cost to accomplish, but how to reduce expenditures. BRAND SERVICES can help reduce your cost by allowing us to benchmark your Regulatory Compliance Program and apply one of our many approaches, such as the, “Lean Process” which identifies and eliminates waste by utilizing the Life Safety code.

With reduced reimbursements restricting already-tight budgets, there is one clear solution all facility managers should be pursuing: “If you’re not involved with Lean today, you will be very shortly”.

Facility managers of today finally have a seat at the leadership table and have the ability to impact the decisions made at their hospital or healthcare system. The only way to do that in a meaningful way is to communicate with their leaders.

As always, BRAND SERVICES is here to listen to the facility managers challenges, concerns and/or barriers they may face and BRAND can provide a “one stop solution” to their Regulatory needs. We work as a partnership, together one hospital at a time, to find solutions that promotes the mission and goals of your organization.

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