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Absolute Fire Protection in New England – Where Can You Find It?

BRAND SERVICES is proud to offer absolute fire protection in New England, including in NJ, PA, and NY. As a trusted name in fire protection, BRAND SERVICES specializes in providing top-rated passive fire protection and safety services to hospitals, property owners and managers, general and mechanical contractors, as well as state and federal governments. Our 98% repeat-business rate has fostered a clientele that is expanding nationwide.

Absolute Fire Protection in New England For Any Industry

Absolute fire protection services are offered by BRAND SERVICES across the healthcare, education, industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical fields. Different fields require different levels of compliance to several industry-specific codes. Our technicians are trained across all of BRAND’s service to thoroughly understand the fire safety needs required by your field. With an average of 10 years of experience with both formal and on-the-job training, our technicians provide significant expertise on repair, maintenance, and installation of fire protection systems.

Our specialized team also allows BRAND SERVICES to be a single-source contractor. Not only can we provide you with necessary installations and equipment repair, but our extensive knowledge of code compliance lets our specialists locate deficiencies, make repairs, and potentially save you thousands of dollars. We understand that translating fire codes can be complicated and detailed, and our goal is to safeguard your facility and ensure its fire code compliance. By taking care of each step of code compliance, from locating and documenting deficiencies to making efficient repairs and corrections, BRAND SERVICES can save your business time, money, and stress.

Passive Fire Protection In New England

An investment in passive fire protection is one that you cannot afford to neglect. Fire door inspection and repair services, fire and smoke damper inspection and repair services, fire stopping services, fireproofing services, regulatory compliance and facility maintenance services are all areas in which BRAND SERVICES can provide top-rated care and management.

BRAND SERVICES aims to offer a convenient, one-stop solution to provide your facility with life safety coverage as we bundle our services to provide facility managers and general contractors the simplicity of partnering with one company, thus reducing your overall costs.

If you would like to consult about life safety fire protection in New England, including in NJ, PA, and NY give our office a call!

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to absolute fire protection in New England, feel free to contact BRAND SERVICES, serving CT, NJ, PA, RI, and NY, by clicking here or by calling 888.551.4055.

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BRAND SERVICES is the industry leader in passive fire protection and life safety services, including fire door inspections and repairs, fire and smoke damper inspections and repairs, firestopping services, fireproofing services and facility maintenance. BRAND’s service region includes: Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), Vermont (VT), New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Washington D.C. (DC), Delaware (DE), Virginia (VA), Ohio (OH), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina(SC), Georgia(GA) and nationwide for large scale projects.

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