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BRAND sells Life Safety Binder Tabs for Physical Environment Standard & Element of Performance for Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management. The tabs allow for easy assembly of your organization's Joint Commission accredited policies for the Physical Environment documentation and for ease of demonstrating compliance during a survey.
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Industry Leader in Fire Protection &
Safety Services

One-Stop-Shop For Code Compliant Fire Protection & Safety Services

Brand Services, the trusted name in fire safety, is the one call you need to make for all your passive fire protection and safety needs. For more than 19 years, Brand Services has delivered code-compliant fire protection and safety services that protect the building’s occupants, as well as the owner’s investment. Our cross-trained, certified technicians have the extensive training and experience necessary to provide facility managers with fire and smoke damper inspections and services, fire door inspections and services, firestopping services, fireproofing services and facility maintenance services that meet all Joint Commission, NFPA, state and federal codes and requirements. This is testament to our 98% repeat business rate!

Brand Services is a single source contractor; our expertise is in all facets of passive fire protection, barrier walls and code compliance. Our unique process of locating deficiencies and making the repairs has saved facilities thousands of dollars in their budgets. Our mission is to locate and document deficiencies if they exist, to make timely efficient repairs & corrections to reduce both the number of Plans For Improvements (PFIs) and ultimately the cost of doing business. Brand Services keeps you compliant with a stress-free process.

We serve numerous industries including: Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Commercial and Pharmaceutical companies. Our fire protection & safety customers include property owners and managers, general and mechanical contractors, as well as state and federal governments. Brand’s fire protection & safety service region continues to expand and now includes: Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), Vermont (VT), New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Washington D.C. (DC), Delaware (DE), Virginia (VA), Ohio (OH), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC) and Florida (FL).

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Brand Services, established in 1994, is a specialty fire and smoke barrier and mechanical insulation contractor that specializes in the inspection, repair, and maintenance of passive fire protection and safety systems, including fire & smoke dampers, fire doors, firestopping, fireproofing, mechanical insulation and facility maintenance. Our service region includes CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME, NY, NJ, PA, MD, DC, DE, VA, OH, NC, SC and FL.

Fire Barrier


By bundling these complementary passive fire protection services we have the ability and expertise to go into a wall, service your fire or smoke dampers, label the damper for compliance, correct non-compliant firestopping, and inspect, label and repair your fire doors.



Our skilled in-house technicians have been crossed trained to be proficient in all areas of passive fire protection. Our average Brand technician has 9 years of experience and receives both formal and on-the-job training. All of our technicians receive continuing education and training on a yearly basis, as well as they are material manufacturer trained to be in the forefront of our industry.
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